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The Chainify solutions are showcased in the live MMO DEEPSPACE, which incorporates multiple exciting gameplay styles that appeal to a broad array of gamers.


Take on your friends or battle attacking pirates in our exciting turn-based combat module, where upgrading your ships and using special abilities can turn the tide in your favor.


Embark on thrilling journeys of discovery as you and your companions traverse uncharted territories, delving into the unknown and uncovering hidden treasures in our captivating exploration module.

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Our Infrastructure Solution

Plug-n-play blockchain infrastructure for gaming studios

Asset Bridge

Allowing players a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience by moving blockchain game assets into their account.

NFT Upgrades

Players can use game resources to upgrade their NFT assets on-chain, allowing dynamic changes and customization.

NFT Game Asset Liquidity

Allows upgrading of ships using ingame assets, and automatically updates metadata in dynamic NFT contracts. Users can also salvage their NFT ships to mint new resources.

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